2010.02.26 - 02.28

​​Jan Voss

The work of Jan Voss itself is substantial and has condensed power in compressed space.
We can feel by closing our eyes like touching the work that feels like flashlight is crossing

on the surface. We can enjoy the pleasure from his work that has the appearance of lines,

figures and causes being folded, robbed and overlapped on the flat surface of rough materials.


 Sun Hyung, kim

The main theme of the artwork is the nature, he dreams of the eternal freedom and ideal
by painting the garden. He was deeply inspired by a bamboo garden grove in China and has
sublimated from the garden, a form of reduced nature, into his artwork.

His garden can be defined as a pure space that cannot restrict the imagination.
Although the artwork is based on the Orientalism and Oriental art, he expresses his own
characteristics surpassing the separation of oriental and western paintings.

Myung Soo, Han

​​The main theme of the artworks is what we can see everywhere easily such as butterflies,
apples, books and cityscape. He has painted the silhouette and lines of the objects but
not describing those vividly.
He considers objects as a kind of an image of beauty instead of regarding Ham myung soo
those as contents or meaning the images involve.
So, it appeals that appearance of the objects can be more beautiful than any others.


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